Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Extend an invitation to the esteemed Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, a hearer and doer of God on the profound, prophetic, and parabolic subject of the end times and experience a transformative event at your church or Christian event. A true visionary and CEO of the End Time Planning ministry, Dr. Lawrence will grace your congregation with her presence, igniting minds and spirits with her enlightening message from God. As the author of the thought-provoking film, Steal Away, revolutionary book, Top Secret, and accompanying workbook, Jesus' Revelation To You, she has delved deep into the mysteries of the end times to unravel intricate threads of prophecy and divine revelation through the words of Jesus.

The evocative film "Steal Away" will be screened, taking participants on a cinematic journey through the challenges and triumphs associated with the end times. This compelling visual narrative serves as a catalyst for deeper reflection and contemplation, enabling individuals to grasp the profound impact of the imminent changes that lie ahead. During her captivating speaking engagement, she will skillfully navigate through the maze of eschatological teachings while illuminating the path to spiritual preparedness. This special event will go beyond a mere lecture. She will create an immersive experience, engaging attendees with her wealth of knowledge and wisdom while unveiling the path towards comprehensive spiritual and physical preparedness. Her audience will eagerly engage in thought-provoking discussions and gain a profound understanding of the critical topics related to the end times. Her ability to navigate complex theological concepts with clarity and insight will leave your congregation inspired, empowered, and equipped for the times that lie ahead.

Following her inspiring talk, she will be delighted to connect with individuals on a personal level during a book signing session. This unique opportunity allows attendees to acquire a signed copy of her insightful works and establish a personal connection with the visionary behind the profound message of End Time Planning.

If We Can Even Begin To Do This, Nothing Will Be Impossible for Us. (Ge 11:6).

Dear seeker of your divine calling: Thank you for your interest in the End Time Planning ministry, where we are dedicated to preparing God's wise and faithful servants whom the Master has put in charge of His servants to give them their food at the proper time. If you have felt a stirring within your spirit and believe you have been given ears to hear your end time assignment, we invite you to connect with us using the form below. We will be honored to help guide you through this top-secret assignment entrusted to you by God, Himself. Join our network of wise and faithful servants, united in our mission to feed and care for God's sheep during the impending times of great tribulation. Take the first step towards embracing this extraordinary calling and becoming a source of strength and support for those left behind.