TOP SECRET: The Parabolic Revealing of the Master’s Urgent Assignment for His Servants in These Last Days

TOP SECRET: The Parabolic Revealing of the Master’s Urgent Assignment for His Servants in These Last Days

Jesus revealed the weightier matters to His disciples concerning the signs of the end and of His return, which implicitly included His TOP SECRET assignment for us to prepare His servants for the great tribulations to come. He warned us to be watchful, ready, and prayerful so that we would be able to escape all that is about to happen and stand confidently before Him when He returns, as opposed to being sprawled out all over the earth, our carcasses being picked over by vultures. Many continue to live in apathy, complacency, and fear, never giving the end times so much as a thought, let alone committing the subject to study and prayer. Due to the mass confusion, misinformation, ignorance, and arguments concerning the end times, even preachers commonly avoid the topic. 

This plainly written, easily understood, yet TOP SECRET book serves as an aid for churches, ministries, and those who truly believe that all biblical prophecy will continue to be exponentially revealed in frequency and intensity, like labor pains, until the end. Its timely purpose is to put an end to all arguing, fear-induced panicky defeatism, doom, gloom, and dependence upon alleged timeframes associated with the last days and prepare servants of God for taking off with our God-ordained assignment before it is too late. If God had an assignment for Noah and his family to build an Ark to survive the flood, Moses and his family to escape from the reach of their enemy, Lot and His family to flee into the mountains, Joseph to store up food for the famine for himself and his family, and Harriet Tubman and other abolitionists to build up the Underground Railroad to set the runaway slaves free and provide for their safety and protection, you can best believe He has a plan for us to build up an ark of safety for His great tribulation saints to survive the horror of the end times. God whispered this top-secret plan to His servant, Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, urging her to share it with His servants so that, as family members of the household of faith, we would unite to fulfill it.


If We Can Even Begin To Do This, Nothing Will Be Impossible for Us. (Ge 11:6).

Dear seeker of your divine calling: Thank you for your interest in the End Time Planning ministry, where we are dedicated to preparing God's wise and faithful servants whom the Master has put in charge of His servants to give them their food at the proper time. If you have felt a stirring within your spirit and believe you have been given ears to hear your end time assignment, we invite you to connect with us using the form below. We will be honored to help guide you through this top-secret assignment entrusted to you by God, Himself. Join our network of wise and faithful servants, united in our mission to feed and care for God's sheep during the impending times of great tribulation. Take the first step towards embracing this extraordinary calling and becoming a source of strength and support for those left behind.